Tricks Classes

Tricks and Treats
Level 1

This beginner’s level class will teach you the basics of trick dog training and focuses on those tricks that will help you earn your Novice Trick Dog Title. Build a stronger bond with your dog while boosting their confidence and learning fun new behaviours through shaping.

$80/4 week class

Tricks and Treats Level 2

This class will build on the skills learned in Tricks and Treats Level 1 while focusing on the tricks required to earn your Intermediate Trick Dog Title.

$100/5 week class

Earn your Novice Trick Dog Title

So you’ve caught the Trick Dog Bug!
This class will help you polish up your tricks to get them ready to submit them for your Novice Trick Dog Title through Do More With Your Dog! Allow our instructors to give you focused support on the tricks you want to submit. Once you’ve mastered each trick we will help you film AND help you submit it!

Prerequisite: a previous tricks class or permission of the instructor

$120/6 week class

Picture Perfect! Instagrammable Dogs

We all love to share pictures of our dogs on Social Media! This class will teach your dog behaviours that are sure to get reactions from your followers! From hold behaviours to the cutest poses your dog will be picture perfect!

$80/4 week class

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