Performance Classes

Me and My Shadow
Introduction to Performance Heeling

Heeling is a foundational skill for many dog sports and it is helpful for pet dogs too as it supports nice leash walking, body awareness and general fitness. Training a nice precise heel position is a fun endeavour for folks who enjoy working with their dogs and are hoping to develop this fancy looking skill.

$80/4 week class

Pots, Platforms and Gates

This 6 week course will focus on the use of physical antecedents to help your dog find and hold the positions (heel, front, side, behind) required for most precision dog sports.

$120/6 week class

This class is not being offered this session. Please check back.


Intro to CARO Rally: Novice Signs

CARO Rally is a fun hybrid sport between the precision and skills of obedience and fun course elements of agility.  This Training rally gives you the chance to practice obedience and heeling in really fun ways for you and your dog.

$120/6 week class

Intro to CARO Novice Rally - Courses and Sequences

Now that you are familiar with some of the Novice signs its’ time to put them together! This class  focuses on short sequences and courses to build you and your dog’s confidence 

$120/6 week class


Rally-FrEestyle was developed to help people compete freestyle elements without having to put together a musical freestyle routine. Training for Rally-FrEe builds strong heel work skills as well as tricks skills. This class teaches the foundations of the sport so that you can begin to enjoy this fun team building sport.

This class is not being offered this session. Please check back.

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